Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings
Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings

Weekly Koha Watercolour Lesson Bookings

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WEEKLY KOHA WATERCOLOUR LESSONS (for beginners but all levels welcome)

Join me (Jo Jago) at the Wanaka Arts Centre for relaxed watercolour painting classes (run on a koha basis).  Joining for a term of lessons is preferred.

koha (noun)
gift, present, offering, donation, contribution
intended to defray costs.


Sorry Koha lessons are not currently running

LOCATION:  Wanaka Arts Centre (free parking available)

This $1 booking charge secures & confirms your spot at the lesson date you choose. Your koha is greatly appreciated at the lesson, where you will find cash can be left discreetly (in the brown koha box) or goods can be donated on the table in the kitchen area where you will find a small koha sign.


Bookings are ESSENTIAL as the classes are limited to small numbers.  

There is a minimum number of people required before a class will run.  If the minimum number of bookings have not been made by 1pm on the day of the lesson the lesson will be cancelled.  Please check back here after 2pm on the day of your lesson to see if it is going ahead.


Classes are small to ensure personal attention.  I like to teach watercolour skills in a fun way & I love it if you bring along some examples of watercolour paintings or styles you would like to learn or just paintings you like (www.pinterest.com www.instagram.com are great resources for this) 

"Now listen carefully please," I say with a serious face to a class of newcomers.

"Do you know what the most inportant thing is?" I ask with a twinkle in my eye.  

"There are three very important things," I continue. 
The class looks at me intently waiting to hear the important things I am
 about to tell them. 

"To have fun," I laugh, "and not to drink your paint water or dip your paint brush in your cup of tea by accident," I say with a cheeky grin. 

ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT feel free to bring along your own watercolour kit but please don't rush out and buy things, come to your first lesson & chat to me about equipment & materials first

For the lessons, all that is expected is for you to bring yourself, and I will lend you all the materials & equipment you need for the duration of the class.  I also have a little supply of quality items for sale.

Private & group lessons plus weekend & school holiday workshops are available for both adults & children.  Please enquire with me about these.  

Koha is the Maori word used in a similar context as the English word donation but can be cash or goods. To run the watercolour classes there is cost to me personally & your koha/donation covers these costs & is also given as a token of your appreciation of my time.  

Question: How much should I donate/give as koha?

Answer: I provide you with top quality paper, supplies & equipment to use during your lesson. This costs me $20-$25 per person including room hire, materials & consumables (paint & paper etc). Anything you donate over & above this amount goes towards upgrading the supplies & materials I make available for you to use & towards my time.  Being an artist, lessons are part of the way I make a living, but I do not like to exclude people from classes because they cannot afford to attend. Hence the koha system, where you decide what you will give in an anonymous way.  

As I am a traditional “struggling artist”, should my out of pocket costs to run the classes not be covered on a regular basis (which is not usually the case, thank you to the generosity of those who have attended the classes to date), the ability for me to keep running classes will, unfortunately, become short-lived.

You can support me running the classes with your koha at the lessons and also, should you choose to, by purchasing my art or supplies. This is by no means expected, but these are other ways of contributing, should you wish to do so.

A big thank you to those of you who have & continue to donate koha in person at class or by making a purchase of art and/or supplies. Your support is very much appreciated.

If you require any further information please contact me on jojagoart@gmail.com or 021-234-8855.  Come and join the fun!   

You can check out my work online at www.jojagoart.com or on

Instagram @jojagoart - www.instagram.com/jojagoart (new followers & likes always appreciated)

Facebook @jojagoart - www.facebook.com/jojagoart.  

Or view my art live in person