Baohong Trial Pack
Baohong Trial Pack
Baohong Trial Pack
Baohong Trial Pack

Baohong Trial Pack

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Baohong Artist Grade Watercolour Paper Trial Pack

  • Six Sheets
  • 19x28cm (just under A4 size)
  • 300GSM
  • 100% cotton watercolour paper


Contains 2 coarse-grained sheets, 2 fine-grained sheets and 2 satin-grained sheets. Natural white color. Acid free.

Master’s Choice Artists’ Watercolor Paper was developed over a three year period by world-renowned Watercolour Artists and the small family-owned Baohong papermill. Initially released in Australia, the paper has a big fan base led by famous watercolorists such as Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Thomas W Schaller, Ross Patterson and David Taylor. Made with 100% natural Cotton and traditionally sized internally and externally with traditional gelatin The Masters’ Choice Watercolour Paper has a unique surface that is receptive to all professional and delicate watercolour- and lifting- techniques.          

The Masters’ Choice Watercolour 300 grams paper is available in Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed and Rough textures in full size 56x76cm sheets with Deckle Edges as well as in ½ size and ¼ size sheets and 8 block sizes ranging from 12.5 x 18 cm to 46 x 61 cm.


Key Features

    • 100% Cotton

    • Traditionally made on a cylinder mould

    • Acid- and Chlorine-Free, pH-neutral, and Archival

    • 300 Grams - 140 LB

    • Available in Cold Pressed, Hot pressed and Rough

    • Natural Gelatine Sizing to the core of the paper

    • Natural White with no optical bleaches



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