Here you will find all my favourite things.  I do have a small but top quality range of supplies available in the pop-up shop in my studio, so do get in touch if you'd like to get anything directly from me.

STUDIO POP-UP SHOP - I currently have the following items stocked for sale:

  • Canson : Moulin du Roy : Watercolour Paper Pad : A5 : 300gsm : 10 Sheets : Cold Press (Not)
  • A variety of 100% cotton loose leaf watercolour surfaces (when only the best will do) including paper stock, card stock, postcards & greeting cards in a variety of weights and surface textures (Hot Press, Cold Press, Not, Rough) in various sizes including sample packs of a range of papers and paper that can be cut to your specific size needs.
  • White Nights 36 full pan set
  • Daniel Smith : Watercolour Dot Card : 36 Confetti Colours or  36 Mineral Marvels Colours
  • Yasutomo 1.5" Hake Sheep Hair Brush 
  • Rembrant watercolour travel brushes
  • Rosemary & Co - Snowdrop Artist Grade Set of 3 brushes
  • Rosemary & Co - Beginner brush set
  • Enamel butchers tray pallettes for mixing paints
  • Kneadable Erasers
  • Pigment fine liners (0.3, 0.5, 0.7mm set of three)
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Masking Tape (standard tape and the fabulous Frog tape)
  • Artists Natural Silk Sponge : 1.5-2"
  • Pre-loved watercolour sets ready for a new home (great if you're on a tight budget)
  • Probably some extra items I haven't listed here yet


StaKiwi Colours - Artisanal watercolours handmade in New Zealand plus an educational blog & watercolor forum.  Stacey's watercolours are to die for.   

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Nevskaya Palitra's White Night Watercolours - Artist grade watercolours made in Russia

ART SUPPLIES (New Zealand)

Hobby Land - You will get $5 off your first order if you use this link.  Fantastic customer service, sharp pricing and free delivery for orders over $60.  
Hobby Land NZ


Jackson's Art Supplies - This link will give you 10% off your first order when you create an account and make your first order.  A huge range of supplies that are drool-worthy.


Rosemary & Co - Amazing brushes hand made in England.  Priced for student quality to artist quality budgets.



I have a lot of favourites, only some of which are listed here, do get in touch for a chat if you'd like to pick my brain or for any advice.