Daniel Smith Watercolour Dot Card 36 Confetti Colours

Daniel Smith Watercolour Dot Card 36 Confetti Colours

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Daniel Smith Watercolour Confetti 36 Dot Card Set contains 9 themed dot cards, each with 4 dots of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Paints.

With 36 large dots in total, this set offers a great introduction for artists looking to try out Daniel Smith's professional watercolour range.

Each of the 9 cards has a theme - all you need to do is take a wet brush and touch it to the watercolour dot to activate the colour. Once your paintbrush is loaded, you'll be able to wash beautiful colour onto your chosen watercolour surface.

Each of the dot cards measures approximately 6cm x 8cm and has 4 different dots of colour

  • Contains 9 themed dot cards
  • Great introduction to Daniel Smith watercolours
  • With 36 large dots in total



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